Food and Nutrition

Senior Nutrition Program at VASC

In partnership with the County of Santa Clara's Social Services Agency, the Senior Nutrition Program (SNP) at VASC provides meals to older adults from Monday through Saturday. Vegetarian options are available. All meals are accompanied by fresh fruit and 1% milk. 

The VASC serves 500 meals daily through dine-in meal services, to-go meal services with virtual interaction, and home-delivered meal services through Meals on Wheels. For more information on Meals on Wheels, please call 408-755-7680.  

To receive meal services at the VASC, participants must be registered with SNP and are required to place an advance meal reservation. To reserve a meal, call VASC at 408-518-6200


VASC SNP Meal Policy

  1. Due to the limited availability of meals, participants must place an advance meal reservation to receive meal services at the VASC.  

  1. Participants can only place 1 advance meal reservation at a time. Meal reservations are subject to availability. 

  1. The available meal reservation timeslots are 11 AM and 11:30 AM for dine-in meals and 12 PM for to-go meals with Virtual Interaction. 

  2. From 8 AM to 12:30 PM, participants with meal reservations must check-in in person at the VASC to receive a meal ticket for their meal reservations. The ticket will be redeemable for a meal at its reservation time. 

  3. Participating in Virtual Interaction is required for each participant who receives a to-go meal for that day. To reserve a to-go meal, participants must complete the VASC Virtual Interaction training. Training is available weekly. Contact VASC at 408-518-6200 to register for the training. 

  4. Due to the limited availability of meals, participants who are unable to pick up their reserved meals must contact VASC to cancel their meal reservations at least 1 day in advance. Any meal reservation canceled on the same day will be treated as a no-call no-show (NCNS). Participant with NCNS may have their next advance meal reservation canceled.  

  1. Due to the limited availability of meals, there will be no red tickets/waitlist/or standby meals. Meals are only available for participants with meal reservations.  

  2. Participants must comply with the SNP Rights and Responsibilities. SNP and the VASC reserve the right to cancel a participant’s meal reservation for violation of the SNP Rights and Responsibilities. 



Check-in Procedure

  1. Participants with meal reservations may start to line up at the designated area at 7:30 AM for check-in to receive their meal ticket when the center opens at 8 AM.

  1. Participants are required to check in in-person and may check in at any time from 8 AM to 12:30 PM.  

  1. At check-in, participants will receive a meal ticket to redeem for a meal according to their meal reservation type (dine-in or to-go) and the meal ticket will also include a service number. 

  1. VASC will call each meal ticket in numerical order at the start of each meal reservation timeslot. 

  1. If a participant misses the call for their number, they may enter the Multipurpose Room to receive meal services at any time up until 12 PM for dine-in meal services and up until 12:30 PM for to-go meal services.  

  1. If a participant loses their meal ticket, they may receive a replacement meal ticket from the SNP staff at the front desk.  

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